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General views of surrounding
General views of surrounding

The Batán watermill is situated in a meadow between the ancient celtiberian city of Aratis and the village of Aranda de Moncayo (Zaragoza) where the beautiful Aranda river its flowing in different riverbeds around the estate. The 3500 meters of land is divided by a pond and offer a wide variety of leisure or resting place where enjoy nature in its pure state in a quiet and peaceful environment. You may enjoy all this with the beautiful and original OST played by the water in movement, the wind and the trees mixed with tweets of the various spicies of birds that live among the vegetation in the surrounding. A natural concert every days. The Maidevera swamp is not far either and it offer another amount of interesting activities surch as fishing, acuatic sport without engine or last but not less important, swimming or have a walk around it.

Main apartment

The Granary apartment

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The hidden face of Moncayo

* Used to stored the winter snow for keepin foods and medicinal herbs. 

Aranda de Moncayo as well as the villages that are part of the Aranda shire have something in common, their perculiarity to be discovered. The village of Aranda de Moncayo offers a large celtiberic, roman and arabic history. Border with the region of Castilla, it hides histories of conquest both territorial and religious. Arabic structures may be found as well in this culture rich village. Futhurmore, in the mountains cauled Sierra de la Virgen, there is part of the Vera Cruz pelgrimage path, less kwone than the Santiago path.